Fresco Film celebrates the completed filming of «Barcelona Crime» after 42 days of intense work


Barcelona, May 6, 2024 – Fresco Film is thrilled to announce the completion of filming for «Barcelona Crime,» a German television series that has captivated audiences since its debut back in 2017. With 42 days of filming, the production team has successfully brought to life episodes 9 and 10 titled «Jenseits des Gesetzes» and «Strawberry Fields Forever,» respectively of this international police series.

Fresco Film commenced its journey with «Barcelona Crime» with the production of episodes 1 and 2. This year marks a remarkable seven years of collaboration on this Project. From its inception, «Barcelona Crime» has garnered acclaim for its intriguing plot, compelling characters, and high production quality. Shot entirely in Catalonia, the series not only provides top-tier entertainment but also showcases the region’s beauty and diversity.

Fresco Film thanks Ard Degeto and Sommerhouse for once again entrusting Fresco Film as their service company in Spain. This proyect team comprised of talented and enthusiastic both young  and experienced professionals, has once again demonstrated their dedication and skill in delivering a successful shoot.

Fresco Film remains committed to excellence in audiovisual production and looks forward to continuing to working in partnetship with our clients. The success of our partners shots is our success! 


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