Fresco Film “Film Trades” award at the 26th Málaga Film Festival


An award that recognizes the trajectory of Fresco Film and it’s team within the audiovisual industry.

The Málaga Film Festival recognized Fresco Film’s journey. A pioneer service company from Málaga, which has become one of the national benchmarks for attracting major projects such as the current House of Dragons, Game of Thrones, Spiderman, Terminator, Narcos, Black Mirror…

Fresco Film has a long history. Its founder Sara Nicoll settled in Málaga in the 70s and created Iberfilm, one of the first service companies in Spain. Subsequently in the early 2000s she set up Fresco Film along with Peter Welter and Angie Horne. After her death in 2008, Peter took over the management of the company and made it a leader in our sector. Since 2019 Silvia Aráez has lead Fresco Film and their great team of more than 20 professionals at their Málaga headquarters.

The award was presented by the Málaga Film Office and was collected by Silvia Aráez, María Cabello and Cristina Armario on behalf of the entire Fresco Film team.

At Fresco Film we are extremely happy and proud of this recognition and would like to thank all of you who have rejoiced with us.


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