Fresco Film‘s Big Family Party


We have returned after summer with renewed energy and we would like to introduce you to our Fresco Film team in Malaga.

We are super proud of each and every one of our colleagues who make it possible for projects come to fruition.

 A brilliant team, all professionals in their individual specialities. From the first contact with clients, through budgets, locations, pre-production, scouts, production and of course the accounting and tax incentives refunds.

 Our team led by our CEO Silvia Aráez, our executives Maria Cabello and Jordi Utset, the fantastic team with Cintia Sanchez-Lafuente, Mamen Sibaja, Juanito Fernández, Maria Ron, Ana Perez, Vanesa Díaz in production and Esmeralda Ruiz our sustainability manager, make our projects from start to finish.

 Our fantastic accounting team is led by CHFO Cristina Armario, with great professionals by her side such as José Sánchez, Inmaculada Domínguez, Gema, Angela, Fatima, Emilia, AnaBelén, Samuel, Luis Miguel and Juan.

And of course our founders and partners Peter Welter, Angie Horne with Sandra Grana and Alberto Rojas.

A lot of talent coupled with a great passion for cinema!

On September 1st we celebrated on a day when most of us managed to be in the same place, and why not, it’s not all about work! We deserved to have a good time with lots of laughs and a great meal in an emblematic place like the Gran Hotel Miramar.

What a beautiful, fun, crazy and exciting day!

 It was such a pleasure to share these happy moments with all of them and we hope you enjoy meeting all the colleagues who make FRESCO FILM possible, thank you all!


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