Fresco Film sponsor First National Indies Video Game Competition


We want to support this innovative contest, the first of its’ type in Andalusia. The contest is promoted by Málaga Hoy and has the support of Promálaga and the Polo de Contenidos Digitales.

It consists of the creation of an indie video game, that is, an independent product created by small groups of developers without financial support from large distributors.

With this sponsorship, Fresco Film Services with its headquarters in Malaga, wishes to support innovative projects that promote prosperity in Malaga and Andalusia.

 The rules of the contest can found on the website

The deadline for the presentation of video games began on May 10th, and will be open until June 5th. On June 15th, the finalists will have their games shown at a Demo Day to be held at the “Digital Content Pole” and on June 26th the prizes will be presented to the winners. The prizes will be: 6,000 euros for the winner; 3,000 euros and 1,500 euros, for the second and third positions respectively.


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