Premiere of Ostwind 4 Aris Ankunt


On February 17, in a spectacular setting in Munich, we had the pleasure of attending the premiere of Ostwind 4 and we are very grateful to SamFilm GmbH and all its team for the invitation.

It was a luxurious premiere in the equine leisure center, where we enjoyed an imaginative and moving presentation with a very special atmosphere and a spectacular stage where horses were the stars.

The fourth part of Ostwind «Aris Arrives» will be on screen from February 28, 2019.  It’s a story full of adventure, friendship, respect and passion for animals.

The novel «Aris Arrives» was launched in 2017, it was filmed in the summer of 2018 in locations in Germany and in Spain with Fresco Film providing the Spanish production team. 

During the month of August the team of technicians were filming in natural locations in the Andalusian province of Malaga, where we can find fabulous landscapes and which is also the home of the magnificent Andalusian horses.

We wish this film, which we hold in great affection, a wonderful blockbuster success.


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