Safely Filming in Spain During Coronavirus


Filming, and all other industrial and economic activity in Spain, is back to working normally. 
Despite the high number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Spain, safety in the work environment is excellent, most infections are related to meetings with friends, family and nightlife, NOT in work environments where things are strictly controlled.

Fresco Film, along with the client, establishes protocols adapted to the specifications and needs of the project, following both the regulations of the Spanish Ministry of Health, and increasing control and security measures according to the client’s specifications. 

For a number of years Fresco Film has included a health and safety team on all its productions, (Occupational Risks and Health Officer on set) now this team has expanded with a COVID-19 Safety Manager plus additional auxiliary support staff. 

Despite the recent onset of this situation, Fresco Film already has experience in successfully ensuring the teams safety during the three phases of a shoot:

  • WRAP – Team of 70 people in Madrid during the month of July 2020, 
  • PRE-PRODUCTION – Team of 150 in Barcelona, currently working 
  • FILMING – Team of 200 people in Almeria, currently in the third week of filming

 The risk of contagion will persist for months and the entire Fresco Film crew is aware that self-protection is essential to protect the project. 

Fresco Film, in co-ordination with the client, implements a security protocol on all its projects based on maximum security: performing Coronavirus diagnostic tests, constant temperature controls, distancing between workers, protective equipment for workers, area disinfections, bubble work teams, and much more… all supervised by the Health and Safety department. 

In this new situation, we are learning and improving every day. 

The most important thing is to keep working on protecting ourselves thereby ensuring the success of the project.

The Fresco Film team is available to provide you with any information related to this subject. 

Contact us, we are happy to help you.


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